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Somali Cheif Justice Fires Judges In Reshuffle
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Somali Cheif Justice Fires Judges In Reshuffle

Somalia’s Chief Justice has fired 18 court judges mainly in Mogadishu on Tuesday.


Justice Ibrahim Iidle Saleeban move is linked to major reshuffle promised by President Farmaajo in the judiciary system.


Six judges appointed by the former President are among the among the judges.


Other notable figures are: the Banadir Regional Court Chief, Abdiaziz and Hamar Jajab District Courts Chairman, and three other judges from the Banadir Regional Court.


Three judges from the Regional Appeals Court are also among those suspended.


The bold move also saw the suspension of Chairpersons of the Courts of Some districts in Mogadishu including Shangani, Yaqshiid, Dharkinley, Hamarweyne, Dayniile and also four judges operating in Hamar Jajab, Dayniile, Yaqshiid and Dharkinley district courts.


It is not yet clear if other reshuffle will follow across the country it is it believed that it is the beginning of the much awaited reform in sector promised by President Farmaajo during the campaign.


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