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Info Minister Hails Suspension Of  Controversial Twitter Acct As Holder Breaks Silence Over Ban
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Info Minister Hails Suspension Of Controversial Twitter Acct As Holder Breaks Silence Over Ban

Information Minister Abdrahman Omar Osman has accused the twitter account Live From Mogadishu of being an Alshabaab sympathiser.



In an exlusive interview with Radio Dalsan Minister Osman hailed Twitter’s decision to suspend the controversial account.
“He was promoting Alshabaab propaganda. Somali government respect freedom of expression but there are limits. He abused this freedom” Osman told Radio Dalsan.
“The account clearly violated twitter regulations and it therefore deserved suspension” Osman added.
The shadowy account holder broke his silence in a statement issued to Dalsoor news outlet.

He explained why he has chosen to remain anonymous “I have chosen to remain anonymous in order to continue reporting from my city (Mogadishu) without constant threat of being killed” he stated.


“The suspension of my account which has not violated the TOS in anyway would undoubtedly sever more than 92000 of my followers from a trusted source of information that under extremely difficult circumstances attempts to rely(sic) the situation of the Somalia conflict to the world” he said.
“Is this an attack on independent journalism or Twitter knows something we dont?” He posed.
Live From Mogadishu @Daudoo  is one lf the most popular Somali Twitter accounts and is known for its up to minute updates on Alshabaab activities and Other international news .
Dalsoor claims that @Daudoo is a “well known” journalist in Mogadishu but most of the newsmen in the Somalia claim not to know the self declared Freelance journalist @Daudoo
A security source has told Radio Dalsan that the NISA may have lodged a formal complain to Twitte regarding the account.


“As former Minister of Security for Somalia I have always said @Daudoo was Alshabaab. There are others that collaborate with AS. Kudos twitter” .

former Security Minister Abdirazak Mohamed tweeted.



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