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Farmaajo Pledges To Revenge Af Urur Alshabaab Attack
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Farmaajo Pledges To Revenge Af Urur Alshabaab Attack


Radio Dalsan Reporter

A tough talking President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo pledged to track down Alshabaab militants involved in the Af Urur attack and revenge the death of dozens of Puntland forces.

In a statement released by Villa Somalia Farmaajo termed the fallen soldiers as “true martyrs”.

“We must show no mercy in dealing with AlShabaab” Farmaajo said in the statement
“We promise that Alshabaab won’t get away with this. As of now our troops are in hot pursuit of the enemy. They will pay for today’s attack. I am confident our forces will defeat the adhorrent enemies” Farmaajo stated.

“They have no regard for.the sanctity of life and the holy month of Ramadan” he added.
” They (fallen soldiers)fought hard and bravely for their country to keep their people safe during the holy month of Ramadan. We will forever remember them. They are the real martyrs” Farmaajo said.

Militant group Alshabaab which has been waging an insurgency from the Galgaala Mountains claims it killed 63 Puntland forces in the Af Urur military base dawn attack some 70 km from the port city of Boosaaso.
This is the deadliest attack ever by Alshabaab in Puntland region.

By Radio Dalsan Reporter