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Majority of MPs Ministers & Top Govt Officials Families Live Abroad, Radio Dalsan Research Reveals
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Majority of MPs Ministers & Top Govt Officials Families Live Abroad, Radio Dalsan Research Reveals

Radio Dalsan Reporter

Ninety percent of Ministers, Legislators and top government officials families live abroad, a  research conducted by Radio Dalsan indicates.
In the research done in a period of one month.
Most of the families reside in neighbouring Kenya, US and  Dubai while the rest in Europe and other western countries.
The Farmaajo administration has seen the highest number of appointments given to Somalis in the diaspora.
For the first time in many years military ,police and New DC´s of Banaadir jobs have also attracted the diaspora.
The situation has seen a slowly but steadily growing rift between the diaspora and locals.
Local youth feel that opportunities are been taken away by the diaspora.
With the hot topic of discussion in Somalia currently being the sufficing of videos showing Somali migrants tortured in Libya by human smugglers some local youth are of the opinion that lack of jobs grabbed by diaspora ks leading to these desperate journeys.
“There are no jobs for local youth in Somalia. We are not given equal oppprtunities. All opportunities are taken up by the diaspora” Hamza Adan a jobless University graduate told Radio Dalsan.
“Chances of being employed here are almost nil thats why many youth are opting to risk their lives to go abroad” Adam said.
In his manifesto President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo showed his concern about the number of Somali youth lured into the desperate journeys and pledged to offer more opportunities for the youth in Somalia.
With the emergence of the videos from Libya it is clear that the youth are still finding Europe and beyond the land of milk and honey compared to home.
Meanwhile the fact that many of the top government officials end up sending back money to families outside Somalia may impact the country’s economy.
“Some fifty percent of their remuneration is sent abroad. This is not good for our economy” Yahoo Ahmed a finacial expert told Radio Dalsan.
Radio Dalsan Reporter