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NUSOJ condemns, in its strong terms, the fraudulent practices against its union

NUSOJ condemns, in its strong terms, the fraudulent practices against its union

An Extraordinary meeting in Mogadishu by NUSOJ steering committee chaired by the President of the National Union of Somali Journalists Mr. Mahir Jama Aden was discussed about a fake statement issued on 6 of May 2017 by Omar Faruk Osman who is fraudulently masquerading as the representative of NUSOJ to try to mislead our international partners and friends.

NUSOJ leaders who attended the meeting showed their concern over the unethical statement titled “NUSOJ condemns fresh ploy by the Ministry of Information to “undercut independent media” and would hereby like to declare that Omar Faruk Osman doesn’t represent and can’t speak at all on behalf of the National Union of Somali Journalists. Therefore, we are extremely sorry and heartily apologize any wrongdoing committed by somebody illegally using our name.

“We would like to extend our deepest regrets and sincerest apologies for the misconduct and the counterfeited statement. This behavior was uncalled for and completely unprofessional” said Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu NUSOJ General Secretary.

NUSOJ leaders believe the only purpose of this fraud is to create doubt and confusion among our international partners assisting the development of Somali media. This Fraudulent individual aims to create conflict among the media and the ministry of Information which is currently working with us to amend the National Media Law and change the articles on which we expressed concerns. He uses tactics in which he would appear to be a victim of the government.

Media practitioners in Somalia had expressed their displeasure with the law passed by parliament late 2015 and now working closely with the Federal Government particularly with the Information Ministry amending the current media law.

“We have started the process and have met with the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Information and expressed our concerns which touch on the current media law. We want it improved and we hope that we will be able to have it reviewed because there are some aspects that we do not agree with,” said the NUSOJ President Mahir Jama Aden before closing the steering committee meeting.

Finally, the elected leadership of NUSOJ will not accept that their name be harmed by a person or persons with ill intention, and will refer all violations to the legal branches of the nation.

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