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Mayor Thabit Surprise Meet The People Visit of

Mayor Thabit Surprise Meet The People Visit of "Insecure" Hurwaaa District

The newly appointed Mayor of Mogadishu Thabit Mohamed made an unsual move to hold his first meeting with District Commissioners at the relatively insecure district of Hurwaa on Thursday night.
Thabit met with the 17 Dcs and officials reoresnting Nisa and regular police to discuss on matters security.
In a move aimed at bolstering community policing Thabit  mingled with the residents of Hurwaa.
An excited public followed up to meet and greet the Mayor as he walked on the streets of the district.
Security experts see the decision to hold the meeting at Hurwaa as a message to show his seriousness in tackling insecurity in all troubled districts in Benaadir region.
Hurwa district is located north of  Mogadishu on the control heading to Jowhar and has been said to have a significant number of Alshabaab sympathisers. Al Shabab is said to have planned a number of its attacks from this district.

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