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UAE & Somali Aid Workers Convoy Hit In Bomb Explosion

UAE & Somali Aid Workers Convoy Hit In Bomb Explosion

A convoy carrying government and international aid agency officials was on Wednesday hit by a landmine explosion onnthe outskirts of Mogadishu Radio Dalsan reports.

Part of the convoy were United Arab Emirates charity officials,members of the National Drought Response Committee and Banadir regional administration whonwere on a tour of an IDP camp.

The vehicle that was hit is said to belong to the head of aid coordination in Banadit region Mr Abdiqadir Dalha.

It was not immediately clear how many casualties there were in the attack.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack although in the past similar incidents have been blamed on militant group Alshabaab.

Somali government is however pointing fingers  at Alshabaab

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