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Somalia Clerics Denounce Newly Launched  Islamist Group.

Somalia Clerics Denounce Newly Launched Islamist Group.


Fathi Mohamed, Chief Editor, Bilan Media

The Somalia Imams and Scholars council on Tuesday  denounced Al Sadiun Bil Haq an Islamist group with a Somalia Chapter that was launched recently in Cairo Egypt.

The head of the Council Sheikh Ahmed Bashir said in a press conference in Mogadishu that there was no difference in ideology between Alsadiun Bil Haq and Somalia’s Alshabaab.

In a video address shared on social media Amir of Proclaimers of the Truth Sheikh Mustafa Kamel Mohamed said the group aims at embracing “the rule of Allah” in a Muslim world that was disintegrating with war and disasters.

In Somalia the group has had a cold reception with  majority categorising members  as “extremists”  or having extremist ideology.

Former planning minister and presidential aspira t Abdishakur Abdirahman dismissed the group as “Takfirs” in a facebook post.

Members of the Proclaimers of Truth  however say they want an Islamic government that offers an alternative to western democracy.

“We are not terrorists and we dont want to fight” the spokesman of the group was recently quoted by the media.

Regarding Jihad the group stated “We are not ruling out Jihad but there is a proper time and procedure for every matter” Sheikh Mohamed the Amir said.

The government of Somalia is yet to issue a statement or its reaction to the emergence of this Islamist group that has its chapter in the country.

By Fathi Mohamed, Chief Editor, Bilan Media
Fathi Mohamed Ahmed is the Chief Editor of Bilan, Somalia’s first all-women media house, set up by UNDP and hosted by Dalsan Media Group in Mogadishu.