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Mogadishu Fire Dept Chief Resigns Over Bakara Inferno
Somali News

Mogadishu Fire Dept Chief Resigns Over Bakara Inferno

Radio Dalsan Reporter

Abdullahi Mohamed Abdullahi the  Head of Fire Department in Banaadir region has resigned over delayed salaries for employees and controversy over the recent fire that gutted down a section of Mogadishu’s largest market Bakaara.


Firefighters in Mogadishu have reportedly not been paid in thr last five months while an internal report the department failed in dealin with the Bakara fire where only 3 vehicles and 20 firefighters were available.


Tradere lost millions of dollars worth of goods in the fire that occured a week ago.


“Very sad to say to fire fighters have TB and they need even a doctor or to visit a hospital but the mayor didnt rocognize their effort ” he said.


The Mogadishu Mayor forced the fire chief to resign over what is said was failure to execute his duties.


Mogadishu has only 5 fire fighting vehicles London by the city of London