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UAE envoy recalled  in effort to  mend strained relation with Somalia

UAE envoy recalled in effort to mend strained relation with Somalia

United Arab Emirates  Ambassador to Somalia Mohammed  Ahmed Othman Al Hammadi has been recalled back to the country  in what a source at the Embassy says is a move by the Gulf country to mend relations with the new administration in Mogadishu.

A source has told Radio Dalsan that Al Hammadi left for the UAE this week and is expected to be replaced by a new Ambassador.

Al Hammadi had served as the  envoy for UAE in during Sharif Sheikh Ahmed presidency and the recently concluded Hassan Sheikh Mohamud reign.

UAE  experienced strained relations with the  Mohamud presidency as it was seen to back Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmake ahead of the February 8  elections.

A diplomatic row emerged  when UAE  lost major contracts  in Somalia to Turkey went on to sign a deal with Somaliland that will see the gulf state manage the Berbera Port and established a military base.

Somalia protested the deal terming it illegal  on the grounds that Somaliland is a region within.

Saudi Arabia is said to have mediated between Somalia and UAE after request from President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo who recently visited Riyadh.

A new Ambassador in Mogadishu may be the first move by UAE to start clean slate with the Farmaajo administration.

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