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Violent protests in Eastleigh as traders & hawkers clash

Violent protests in Eastleigh as traders & hawkers clash

Fathi Mohamed, Chief Editor, Bilan Media

Traders and hawkers clashed on Wednesday forcing businesses to close down all day in Nairobi’s mainly ethnic Somali neighborhood of Eastleigh.

A court order released on 24 February by the Milimani Commercial Courts had allowed the return of hawkers to trade on two streets in Eastleigh.

Traders however protested the court’s move leading to Wednesday’s clashes.

“I cannot pay taxes to the government and the county council and let somebody who doesnt pay tax sell goods in front of my shop’s door blocking my customers” Abdiaziz Shiine a trader told Radio Dalsan.

“The traders should respect the courts decision. We have a right to seek an honest  lovelihood” Omar Buno said.

All activities in the usually busy streets of Eastleigh came to a standstill.

Roads were blocked by either groups and for hours there was no access into the neighborhood.

Eastleigh is Nairobi’s second  business hub after Central Business District.