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Exclusive : Farmaajo Inaugurated 9TH President  With  Pledges To Restore  Somalia´s  Lost Glory
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Exclusive : Farmaajo Inaugurated 9TH President With Pledges To Restore Somalia´s Lost Glory


The ninth president of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo was on  Wednesday inaugurated in the presence of  representatives from 124 countries including the head of states from Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti .


In a show that brought  admiration across the world the outgoing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud , his predecessor   Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the new president stood side by side held hands together to show Somalia’s  political maturity and a peaceful transmission of power.


In his speech Farmaajo praised the Parliament, President Mohamud and Prime Minister Omar Sharmake for ensuring a successful  election calling for unity among Somalis as he took over .


His speech touched on a variety of issues facing Somalia and his priority he said would be to restore security , reconciliation and fighting corruption

‘There is a perception that we are the most corrupt . We will show the world and become the first in good governance “ he said regarding corruption

Farmaajo thanked Amisom for its contribution in enhancing peace but said the lasting solution lies with the Somali national Army

“Will focus on building on the capacity of the of the SNA ,salary and barracks” he said

Although he offered an olive branch to any Alshabaab members willing to work with the government he issued a stern warning on the militant group .


“We are ready to welcome Alshabaab youth who have been brainwashed back to the society. They should come and join their brothers . Alshabaab cannot fight the will of 12 million Somalis” he said .


On foreign policy Farmaajo wants foreign countries to respect Somalia  to  expect respect in return

On internal affairs his government will be seeking more cooperation with regional administrations

“We will strengthen cooperation between federal government and regional administrations on security and constitutional process economy and justice” he said

He pointed out that the government will focus on reconciliation in the  Galkacyo conflict  and pacify the town .


On Somaliland Farmaajo has pledged to continue with the Turkey sponsored talks with the breakaway region.


Farmaajo is also pledging to create a condition that will create jobs for  the youth and avoid many Somlis making the dangerous journeys in desperation to reach the developed world.


“Unemployment is over 80% leading to hopelessness  and force our youth to escape Europe and America .I am a parent I feel for the parents who lost their children in the seas or those who have their loved ones in Prisons “he said .


I promise to restore the lost confidence serving public will be the core value of the government” he concluded .


Outgoing President Hasssan Sheikh Mohamud called for Somali unity despite political differences .


“I did not start the peaceful handover. Sharif Ahmed handed over to me and I am happy to hand over power Farmaajo” Mohamud said .


Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta reaffirmed its commitment to cooperate with Somalia to secure the region .


Djibouti President called on the new Somali President to pay back the trust shown by the people of Somalia on him by putting his pledges into action .


Ethiopia’s Prime Minister  HailMariam Desaglen praised  Somalia for showing a good example of transfer of power to all countries currently in conflict

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