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Universal  TV Owner  Released
Somali News

Universal TV Owner Released

Somaliland authorities on Monday released Universal TV owner Ahmed Abubakr
Abubakr was arrested on Sunday in Hargeisa.
According to those close to Abubakar his release followed an intervention by neighboring Ethiopia’s Region Five President Mohamed Abdi.
Abdi is said to have personally contacted Somaliland President Ahmed Silanyo to secure the release of the entrepreneur.
Abubakar was seen celebrating his release at Hargeysa’s Mansoor Hotel
Somaliland has recently made arrests that have hit headlines in Somalia.
Last week journalist and activist AbdulMalik Coldon was arrested upon arrival at Hargeisa Airport returning from Mogadishu where he had met President Mohamed Abdullah Farmaajo.
Last month comedian Ajakis who’s satirical show airs on Universal Tv was arrested for his comical depiction of Somaliland President but later released

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