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EXCLUSIVE :Why Farmajo’s First  Real Test  Would  Be To Appoint  A Prime Minister
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EXCLUSIVE :Why Farmajo’s First Real Test Would Be To Appoint A Prime Minister


At least 28 personalities have presented their CVs to President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed Farmaajo to be considered for the position of the Prime Minister of Somalia, a source has told Radio Dalsan.


With the two of  the positions that make up the  Executive arm of the Somali government already occupied i.e Presidency and Speaker, Somalis are keenly waiting to know who will be their next Prime Minister.


Although he has enjoyed an overwhelming public support this will be the first real test that the newly elected president will be facing.


It’s a decision that may either attract more critics or admirers.

Being from a technocrat background Farmaajo is expected to be going for a candidate based on meritocracy but unfortunately he finds himself compel  to come up with a Premier from what is presented from a particular clan as the 4.5 system of governance dictates.


The position is expected to be given to the Hawiye clan as per the 4.5 system of governance since the two other major clans the Darood has the Presidency and the Speaker is from the Digil Mirifle.


In an interview with a local online news outlet Farmaajo said his choice for a Prime Minister would be a someone who is nationalist with no background suggesting clanist leaning and clean from corruption.


Mogadishu considered a Hawiye stronghold has  swayed  a lot of influence over the presidency in the past with the two former immediate presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and ShariffSheikh Ahmed coming from the clan.


Farmaajo as much as he would wish to play independent will be making a decision with the consideration of the Mogadishu political power brokers on the back of his mind. As the rest of the country celebrated Farmaajo’s win they have been watching from a far what move the new president that defeated two of their candidates  will take.


In  the past relation between the President and Prime Minister has been frosty and characterized by Pro President Pro PM political camp dividing the parliament in to two .


Farmaajo in his campaign had pledged to improve the relations between his office and that of the Premier .


Analysts are of the opinion that those in the frontline for the race to Premiership are Dahir Gelle the current Somali Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Gelle is an Islamist who served in the Islamic Courts Union and the Sharif Sheikh administration Minister of Information


Abdinasir Abdulle a presidential candidate is a dentist by profession and has been living in the US in the last 20 years


Dr Ulusow a Somali American and ex advisor of Abdikassim Salad Hassan. He is known for being anti federalism columnist in the past through his articles.


Abdi Aynte Minister of planing , former director of  HIPS and former Aljazeera , VOA , and BBC  journalist

Abdirahman Abdishakur a presidential candidate a former Minister of Planning and former Presidential advisor


Abdikadir Osoble Islamist , Mp ,and Presidential candidate is a Somali American entrepreneur


Dr Abdinuur former Minister of Education in 2010 but has been unknown before and after the portfolio


Radio Dalsan has confirmed that the above personalities have presented their CVs to Villa Somalia for consideration


Some sources however predict a new face in the Somali political scenario may me be appointed


With the 10th Parliament made up of mainly new faces and pro change Mps many opted to vote for Farmaajo in hope that he would be a leader who will not bow down to the two main factors influencing Somali  politics  : Clan allegiance and Financial influence.


Will he live to their expectation? This is indeed Farmaajo’s first real test and how he deals with it may give us a preview of his presidency in the next four years

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