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Alshabab Vows To Fight  Farmaajo Calls  Him “Unpatriotic
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Alshabab Vows To Fight Farmaajo Calls Him “Unpatriotic" & “American”

Fathi Mohamed, Bilan Media Editor

Alshabaab has for the first time spoken about the newly elected President Mohamed Abdullah Farmaajo with a high ranking official vowing that the militant group will continue waging war against the government and clans supporting it .


In a speech relayed on an Alshabaab affiliated radio station (Radio Andulus ) Hassan Ali Yaqub the group’s  Governor of Galgudug called Farmaajo an American and unpatriotic.


“Anyone carrying a foreign passport is not a patriot. Farmaajo is an American” Yaqub said adding that he will be worse than his predecessors


Yaqub criticized recent Farmaajo’s affirmation that Amisom troops will continue to be present in Somalia  until the SNA is stable  .


On the nationwide celebrations witnessed following Farmaajo’swin the Alshabaab official claims it was propaganda and organized by NGO’s.


Farmaajo won the Presidential election on the February 8 and this is the first time the militant group is officially giving  its reaction on the new president.


In his campaigns the new President had said if elected he would dialogue with  Alshabaab calling them “young Somalis who have a right to be listened to”.


This speech by Yaqub goes to affirm that the militant group is not ready for the offer .


Last Wednesday the group targeted a ceremony at Villa Somalia where Farmaajo was officially moving in to the presidential residence by Farmaajo that he will continue to