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Defiance Mogadishu Residents and Victims flock Lido Beach on 1st Anniversary of Attack
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Defiance Mogadishu Residents and Victims flock Lido Beach on 1st Anniversary of Attack



Hundreds of Mogadishu residents flocked on the on the popular Liido beach to enjoy the weekend  exactly in a year after an attack killed 20 patrons at a seafront restaurants Beach goers went about their routine of swimming, boat riding while traders selling foodstuff  cashed in on the large turn out .

“I enjoy spending my wekends at Liido. The best way to shame the those who attacked here is to  defy them” Hussien a youth activists told Radio Dalsan.

“I actually didn’t remember its one year now. But nothing has changed the love we have for Liido as you can see its a tradition to come here for the weekend and enjoy the sea and beach” Fadumo Hersi a resident said

20 people were killed in the attack when a  car  laden with  explosives rammed into the seafood restuarent  on a Thursday evening, after which several al-Shabab fighters opened fire at the restaurant.

“I was present  when they attacked. They moved in to the next room where I was and started shooting aimlessly everywhere. I so many dead” Abdullah Cade a  cameraman who was present that night told Radio Dalsan at Liido beach

Management of the Liido seafood restaurant which still remains a popular joint in Mogadishu have improved security in the premises with  each person entering the checked through two security enterance.

Radio Dalsan met with one of the victims of the attacks veteran journalist and  ecretary-General of the National Union of Somali Journalists, Mohaamed Ibrahim Moalimu who was at the  beach with his family.

“As you see I am with my kids now having fan and entertainment” he told Radio Dalsan
“it is a painful memory  but still I remain an optimist and hope to enjoy the beautiful sun and sandy beaches” Moalimu said.
“We wouldn’t give up we will love and have hope that Somalia will remain in  peaceful. You can see today it’s that anniversary  and most of the victims are here to say in action no we are not giving up”.

Nasra Dahir lost her younger brother Eyman in the attack but today she came with her sister to Liido.

“I am.back to Liido with my sister Munira. We survived by God’s grace and .back again” she told Radio Dalsan.

One year ago that fateful Thursday Nasra and her brother Eyman were on tne beach when suddenly they heard gunshots from the restaurant and people started running in all directions. She lost sight of her brother who was later shot dead.



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