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Ethiopia think thank warns a Darood presidency may lead to anarchy
Somali Elections

Ethiopia think thank warns a Darood presidency may lead to anarchy

Fathi Mohamed, Chief Editor, Bilan Media

An Ethiopian think tank linked to the government has warned that Somalia is likely to be destabilized farther if a non Hawiye takes over Villa Somalia.

In a report released by the Addis Ababa based Center For Dialogue Research and Cooperation   titled the Commotion surrounding Somalia’s transition the think tank recommends that a Hawiye remains the president to ensure the country the country remains stable.

“Based on historic  and current realities allowing the Hawiye to keep the Presidency might be a wise move”the reports says.

“It appears increasingly certain that taking the Presidency away from the Hawiye and allowing another clan to assume the post especially the Majerten could allow groups such as Alshabaab to make Mogadishu a playground making government operations from the capital impossible” the report tates.

“It appears practically impossible for a Darood in Mogadishu to offer leadership particularly to the security institutions constituted of endogenous clans and sub clans engaged in the fight against Alshabaab” CDRC thinks.

The report clearly warns regional countries from supporting Prime Minister Omar Sharmake’s  candidacy and points out Kenya and “an active government from the Middle East” as the main beneficiary of a Sharmake presidency.

“Some sources indicate that the incumbent Prime Ministerhas already entered into a quid pro quoarrangement  which involves on Somali concessions on some national matters in exchange for support for his presidential ambitions” the report alleges.

“There is no guarantee that the Prime Minister will deliver on his promises” it stated.

“Sources indicate that incumbent Prime Minister has already assured the Kenyan government of favorable settlement  of the offshore territorial dispute between Somalia and Kenya in return for the latter’s support in the Presidential elections” it claimed.

CDRCs 15 page report suggests that the international community involvement in the 2017 Somali elections is more out of their interest on what it says is a rush for the horn of Africa’s natural resources.

Somalis on Twitter were quick to react to the report with majority criticizing the Ethiopia government linked think tank of pushing an agenda to have incumbent president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud remain in office.

“Ethiopia is backing Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in a nutshell” Goodirad concluded on twitter.

“We can debate for years that clan is a factor but not THE  factor . Complexities are multifaceted with so many warning issues at play” Analyst Abdihakim Ainte tweeted.

Ethiopia has had an interest on its neighbour Somalia since its military invasion into the country. Sources tell Radio Dalsan that Addis Ababa is desperate for a continuity of Mohamud’s presidency to benefit from a secretly bounding deal that will see it train Somali Army and Police in a million dollars European Union funded military training programme.

Fathi Mohamed, Chief Editor, Bilan Media