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Shariff Hassan still hopeful of a Digil Mirifle in Villa Somalia in future despite defeat in 2017
Somali Elections

Shariff Hassan still hopeful of a Digil Mirifle in Villa Somalia in future despite defeat in 2017

Presidential candidate and the Presidemt of South West State Sharif Hassan Adan has told his supporters he remained optimistic that a Rahaweyn head of state will be head of state in the future despite his set back in the 2017 election thay technically knocked him out of the race following the election of Speaker Mohamed Jawari a Digil Mirifle.
Conceding to the technicality of the 4.5 system in the states headquarter Baidoa Adan told a crowd of supporters in his first reaction after the speakers election that  his ambition remains alive
“We tried our best as Digil Mirifle to be the next president or Prime Minister but someone defeated us”  Adan said
“I can guarantee you a Digil Mirifle will occupy Villa Somalia or Prime Minister’s office so let’s keep trying. Unity is very important” he said
” I started this campaign and I will continue and I will continue until you believe that you can” he told supporters
Adan blames Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari of betrayal and “breaking promise” by moving ahead to seek the speaker position  hence scattering the clan’s chances of contesting for Presidency
Analysts see Sharif Hassan Adan as the kingmaker in the 2017 elections and the politicians commands much influence  on a significant  number of Mps
He has recently proven to be a calculating and strategic politician

Sources close to him tell Radio Dalsan that  Adan is contemplating whether to have his 90 plus allied Mps support incumbent Hassan Mohamud or PM Omar Sharmake but talks are ongoing between him and the two.Following Speaker Jawaris election the Presidency is now to be contested by Hawiye an Darood clans in accordance to the 4.5 system of governance Locking Sharif Hassan Adan out of the race.

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