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Former MP disowns brother involved in the Puntland girl rape incident
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Former MP disowns brother involved in the Puntland girl rape incident

An former MP from Puntland had disowned his younger brother who is one of the suspects been held for allegedly raping a teen girl in Galdobog.

Mp Abi Hosh now wants the law to take a stern action ln hia brother.

A video showing the girl been raped by six boys went viral and was widely condemned by Somalis.

“My young brother is among rapists in Galdogob and I appeal that he  faces the law”Hosh posted on his facebook account.

He says his brother is 15 years old. They share the same father but different mothers.

“Some one called me two weeks ago and told me the tragic and requested to face all the law including my brother” he said.

He however accused local religious leaders of trying to arbitrate the matter.

“I visited my home town Galdogob is my second time last year my father passed away 30 October 2016.

I talk to the Galdogob mayor asking him to prosecute my brother  but some  residents and sheikhs demanded to apply the Shariah amd Maslah  system of justice” Hosh said.

“There is conflict between Puntland administration  and residents about how to handle the case either to use sharia or the rules of Puntland” he added.

“My brothers and I most of them girls are demanding to face the law and we join millions of Somalis around the globe. I am shocked” Hosh said.

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