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Regional state MPs demand protection as they gather in Mogadishu ahead of elections
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Regional state MPs demand protection as they gather in Mogadishu ahead of elections



Members of Parliament from the five regional states are demanding to be given protection as they gather in the capital Mogadishu ahead of the Presidential elections later this month.

Speaking to Radio Dalsan on condition of anonymity an MP from Hirshabelle said he together with other Mps have unsuccessfully communicated to the federal government to be offered security.

“We are vulnerable to attacks by groups or assassins as we have no bodyguards. We use public transport and live among the civilians” the Hirshabelle MP said.

Most of the Mps are also in Mogadishu to demand for their salary which they claim they have not received in the last months.

“ These Mps use Bajjaj to move from one place to another . This is degrading in their status as the peoples representatives in parliament. They are also forced to rent houses while in Mogadishu they cannot afford to book the safer  and  expensive hotels in town” Yusuf Maalin  a friend to an MP told Radio Dalsan.

”Sometimes I walk with them they have no protection. Its insecure for them. We use public transport” Maalin added .

Marian Ali  lives in Bondheere with two MPs from regional states of southwest and hirshabelle.

“ We usually go on outings overnight  and return past midnight from Liddo beach and they are just like ordinary people no one would know they are Mps .” Marian told Radio Dalsan.

Regional State parliaments are in recession and most of the Mps have moved to the capital in  anticipation of being part of the lobbying in the coming presidential elections.

Although they do not directly participate in electing the president they are however a vital political tool for the presidential candidates.

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