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Q/A: Alshabaab spokesman talks on election, women quota, clan politics and civilian deaths
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Q/A: Alshabaab spokesman talks on election, women quota, clan politics and civilian deaths

Alshabaab speaks out on Somalia election:

Interview of Al shabaab Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage.


My first question is that there is an election going on in the country. There are upto 10 candidates vying for the presidency. Where is the Alshabaab candidate or is Alshabaab not putting forward someone?


In the name of Allah Praise be to Allah.

You only associated yourself with people that tou think are good. We see all that is going on in Somalia as falsehood so you never join hands with false things.

Therefore it is not worth and it is not in our interest to be part of things that are built on falsehood.


Why is AS stopping Somali citizens from choosing their leaders. Why is Alshabaab against democracy?


You have mentioned election first of all there is no election there. Its a selection where infidels and their puppets are chosing who they want and who will implement their agendas. So its not election but selection. And so the Somali people should not be deceived with this propaganda. Somalis are not electing. It is the other guys who are selecting.


You said what is going on is not election but rather selection. Alshabaab leaders are not selected by the people. How different is it from the selection you described?


It is different because Alshabaab leaders are electrd according to the teachings of Allah. We are Muslims and Allah has given us clear guidance on how to chose our leaders. And the leaders are expected to meet the requirements that Allah has asked us to do.

So anyone who meets these conditions is elected according to the teachings of Allah and his Prophet will become the  leader.

There is a difference between the Islamic way of election and the way those infidels claiming democracy  want to do.

Therefore our leaders are elected according to tge teachings of Allah.


The current campaign in the country advocates for women quotas in the leadership. What is Alshabaab’s view on this and is there a time AS will elect a female leader.


First of all we are Muslims and Muslims should stay in the path of Allah . When Allah and His Prophet give instructions Muslims should follow them and not behave the way they please.

The other thing is about these women who are claiming to be voice of the Somali women. We say they dont represent the Muslim Somali women. They are being pushed and programmed by those infidels to achieve their goals  which is to mislead the Muslim Ummah the same way they went astray.

As Muslims Allah valued both Muslim men and Muslim women and has given specific rolles in life and we want to make sure everyone stays on their role.

The last point is that many of the men do not have leadership qualities leave alone women. We therefore say we put women in their right position according to the Islamic religion and there is nowhere in our religion where a woman became leader of the Muslim Ummah including President, Prime Minister or Minister.

And AS principle is that whether you like it or nor guided by the teachings of Allah and His Prophet whatever they allow we accept and whatever they don’t we dont accept.


The political system in Somalia is based on the 4.5 clan system. Alshabaab opposes this . But when you look at the AS controlled areas the leaders are not from the local clans. Isn’t that the same way as the 4.5 system with a different shirt since its always based on the clans but you are saying it is not?


For us we  believe the clan as a means of identity like Allah said where relatives connext with each other and help those in need. But we dont do it the way those infidels and apostates who use the clan system to share things and build a government.

For us there are two conditions for one to become a leader. The first is that he must have the ability and be a practising  Muslim.

When it comes to the Muslim Ummah there are two conditions. The first is that the person must be strong with leadership qualities wise and political.

The second the person must be trustworthy  who can be trusted with the people’s wealth lives and can do justice for them.

Then he will become the leader  regardless of where he is from whichever clan he belongs to. So we are not based on clanism. And if you go around you will never find anyone elected through their clan. A leader can come from another town as long as they meet the conditions.


Alshabaab says it is fighting against the Somali government  but when you look at the places they bomb they include hotels where many people gather  restaurants and tea shops. If AS is fighting government why is it targetting these places?


First of all we value the bloof of the Muslim. Alshabaab will never easily target Muslims and it is not in our mission infact we prefer to let an infidel escape rather that letting a Muslim die.

But we have to ask ourselves are the hotels really hotels or army bases?

The hotels in Mogadishu for those who have seen them would know AS has not targetted those ordinary hotels where Muslim civilians stay. But the ones we attack are sorrounded with huge concrete and security guards to protect them.

That shows they are not hotels because the normal hotels where Muslim civilians stay do not have concrete barriers. Secondly we are fighting with the infidela and their apostates . We don’t care what they call the places they live in whether they say it is an army base or hotel. It all means the same. So therefore all hotels that are attacked are army bases. They serve as ministry offices for the infidel  and apostates.

The finance Ministry is operating from a hotel. The so called Transport Ministry is operating froma hotel. Ministry of Education is also in a hotel.


When AS leaders are adressing the public and if the Somali government sends its army or fighter jets and bomb and may kill one AS leader and many civilians die isn’t that the same way and are those attacks to be accepted?


We and the Muslim civilians are the same and have the same blood. The infidels kill civilians when AS members are not even there. We worn our peoole day and night to keep away from them and not a single person who doesnt support them goes to these hotels. We can say 100% of those who go are their leaders, intelligence  and security guards. If we were bombing every hotel you would have heard hotels in Bakaara Suuqa Xoolaha and Hurwa are bombed.

But the hotels along Makkah Al Mukaramah road where these men who have nowhere else to go to house their ministries these places are army bases and not hotels.

We don’t deliberately kill fellow Somali Muslims or any Muslims we are careful about places we target.

It may take time to monitor them before we carry out the attack.

Source by Dalsoor

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