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Government linked SIMAD  university enrollment hits record low
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Government linked SIMAD university enrollment hits record low

Enrollment of students at Mogadishu’s premier private University Simad has gone down by 40%, Radio Dalsan has confirmed a fact attributed to its supposed relation with the government in power.

Simad University which was established by current president and other Somali academicians used to enroll 2000 students per year but the number  has fallen to 800

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud one of the co-founders of the University served as the University Dean before plunging into politics.

Other former academicians who wer lecturers at the University have also entered into politics with a number serving the current government as Mps or ministers. They include Minister  Abdirahman Odowa current intereil minister ,Farah Sheikh aMP and former constitution minister and close ally to the president ,Mohamed Zubery the former public relations officer of the university who now serves in the Justice and constitution ministry as a DG.

Simad university graduates are also said to be priviledged in getting jobs in government departments as compared to other graduates .

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