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Alshabab identifies Mogadishu Hotel suicide bomber
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Alshabab identifies Mogadishu Hotel suicide bomber

Somali militant group Alshabaab on Wednesday identified the suicide bomber of a VBIED attack targeting Peace Hotel as Mohamed Alasow.

According to an Alshabaab affiliated website the suicide bomber hails from the Abgal subclan of the Hawiye clan.

Alasow is said to be from  Balcad town in Middle Shabelle region.

A cctv footage availed  Radio Dalsan shows the white truck carrying petroleum drum exploding a few meters from Peace Hotel.

The  hotel is mostly frequented by foreigner including westerners visiting or working in Mogadishu.

Amisom and NISA evacuated tens of foreigners from the hotel after the explosion.

Another VBIED explosion took place at a security checkpoint manned by Somali police near the Amisom Halane basecamp.

At least 23 people were killed in the twin explosions.

Alshabaab has continued to execute suicide bombings although the group has lost most of the areas it previously controlled to a sustained military operation by Amisom and Somali National Army.

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