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Why the mandatory ID is proving to be a nightmare for Mogadishu residents?: Residents concerned about inaccessibility of some roads
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Why the mandatory ID is proving to be a nightmare for Mogadishu residents?: Residents concerned about inaccessibility of some roads


It is mandatory now for persons in Mogadishu to carry ID cards at all times in a city that has thirty security checkpoints. And with the scheduled elections  set for later this month checkpoints in the city have become even much more tighter to pedestrians and motorists.

Although the capital is experiencing some form of an economic boom in the past few years with constructions and buildings rising on the city skyline with every coming day and  a steady influx of Somalis from  the Diaspora many find moving from one point of Mogadishu to another a bother.

Some roads in the city have been permanently blocked by Somali security checkpoints to avoid possible bombing carried out by militant group Alshabaab similar to the VBIED explosion that targeted Amisom Halane basecamp and a Somali security checkpoint close by.

Lock downs in the capital are also very common during high level conferences or election time so for an ordinary student headed to college or school or a public worker to his work place it becomes an almost impossible venture.

“All streets in Mogadishu are not like Makkah Al Mukaramah , KM4, KM5 the road entering  Halane base. All others are using some times without IDs” Hawa a resident said in an interview with Radio Dalsan

Most notorious streets on demanding IDs are from KM4 to Mogadishu airport and the street that passes close to the presidential palace

“When you are walking in Mogadishu you must make sure you have an ID at all time. Security personnel  stand at all streets demanding to be shown an  ID. When you show them a work ID or a  students ID or any other ID they will demand for a government ID they need only government IDs special those working the offices of president and Prime minister” Ali Yaxye told Radio Dalsan.

Private motorists do not usually use it.

“The expectation that you have to show an ID card applies when you enter a building or institution that requires it, including security installations” Maryan Ahmed says.

“Me and my two young sisters are students, every morning we go the University campus. What´s always on our mind is which street to use” Muna Yusuf a student said.

“When we get a ride from our fathers car he usually is confused over what road to use or to avoid” Yusuf added.

With the city still wrangling from the latest of an insurgent suicide bombing life in Mogadishu is likely to continue to be characterized by IDs and blocked roads.

Security personnel only recognize civil servant as long as you are an ordinary person it will be difficult to get access around Mogadishu especially the Makkah Road and the Airport Road.

But despite this tighten security attacks by Alshabaab still continue to terrorize the day to day lives in Mogadishu.

Written by Hassan Istiila