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MPs gather to be sworn into secured area in Mogadishu
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MPs gather to be sworn into secured area in Mogadishu



Somalia’s members of both Upper House and Lower House have been sworn in the capital of Mogadishu on Tuesday.

The MPs are holding their first session at school-Policia, one of the most heavily secured areas of the city.

256 members of lower house who have been so far elected by some 14,000 delegates selected by their clans been sworn today.

Their main task will be to elect a new president – a vote expected within a week or two.

Outgoing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, in power since 2012, is regarded as a favorite.

Former moderate Islamist President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and other strong candidates include are running for presidency.

As the 2016 Somalia Parliamentary election results streamed in from across the regions new faces and old faces in the politics of the horn of Africa country emerged as winners in a poll that has turned out to have its fair share of surprises.

It has emerged that the 275 member Lower House and the 54 member Upper House is going to be made up of Mps from different background and experience.

From former warlords to renowned entrepreneurs, Islamists to Musicians, activists, a FASHION designer to a returning refugee  this may well be the most diverse parliament in Somalia’s history.

A poet, Fashion designer and Singer will also be present in the Parliament.

Written by Hassan Istiila

By admin