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Current deputy PM and former Foreign Minister are among MPs elects in Mogadishu
Somali Elections

Current deputy PM and former Foreign Minister are among MPs elects in Mogadishu

The long waiting of Lower House election kick off in Mogadishu on Tuesday morning, MPs candidates and delegates were presented at the police Transport Headquarter in Mogadishu amid there are more of group interests in the hall.

At least five MPs elected to Lower House, same of them are prominent politicians, who are Abdirahman Beyle, former Somali foreign minister and ex-African development Bank (AFDB), Mohamed Omar Arte current deputy Prime minister, Asha Koss, Ahmed Dhimbile Roble, Mohamed Ibrahim Abdi, former basketball player and current president of Heegan SC and others.

Candidates and PM coveted the election of MPs from Somaliland to take place in Halane but electoral body repudiated the suggestion form that members.

Prime Minister Omar Sharmake has backed a call by Somaliland elders to have the polling stations of the regions elections relocated from Police Transport headquarters to the Halane Amisom military base citing security.

In a statement from the PM office Sharmake who is also a presidential candidate said moving the polling station to Halane as the elders demanded  would make the elections accountable.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh and Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmake have clashed over comments by the latter criticizing the current  leadership in Somalia.

Speaking in Kismayo on Saturday when he met newly elected MPs Sharmake pointed out that what Somalia needed was a change in its leadership at the  Villa Somalia.

Electoral body told to Radio Dalsan on phone, 2,346 delegates will vote for the 46 MPs from Somaliland regional state of Somalia.

Furthermore Jubaland and Southwest regional state of Somalia had concluded the lower houses election and that state reached the presidential candidate including current president and his Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid.

Somali president has now in kismayo for talks the newly MPs elected in kismayo as to request to give their vote to him.

Security has been beefed up in Mogadishu.

Written by Hassan Istiila



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