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Turkish embassy in Somalia marks 93rd anniversary of Turkish Republic Day
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Turkish embassy in Somalia marks 93rd anniversary of Turkish Republic Day


Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed, deputy MP, same of parliament members, ministers and ambassadors have attended the 93rd Turkish anniversary of the Republic Day.

The  commemorates held in Turkish embassy compound in Mogadishu, which is the second biggest Turkish embassy in the world.

“On behalf of President Hassan Sheikh and the Somalian people, I congratulate the people of Turkey as you celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the founding of your Republic on October 29.”

Turkish ambassador to Somalia Olgan bekar thanks to government and the people of Somalia and says his government will reinforce their support to Somali’s rebuilding.

Speaking during the ceremony,  Olgan Bekar added Somalia and Turkey enjoyed cordial diplomatic relations noting that his country was focused on helping in the reconstruction of Somalia.

Each year, Turkey marks Republic Day on October 29, a commemoration of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey.

The first proclamation of the republic was officially declared by its founder and first president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1923.

On that day, the new name of the nation and its status as a republic was declared.

After the declaration and a vote in Turkey’s Grand National Assembly, Ataturk was unanimously elected as new republic’s first president.

Turkey’s investment in Somalia has reached around $100 million, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Lutfi Elvan said Monday.

Turkey has been one of the most visible foreign countries to help war-torn Somalia rebuild its crumbling infrastructure.

Turkey’s trade volume with African countries has increased to $19.4 billion in 2015, while it was only $4 billion in 2000, Omer Cihad Vardan, president of Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey, said at the forum.

“We are ready to give every kind of support in order to make Somalia’s resources to be used in its economy,” he added.

Millions of Turkish citizens celebrates Republic Day and remembering the eternal words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, “One day my mortal body will turn to dust, but the Turkish Republic will stand forever.” Say all the Turkish People every year.

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Written by Hassan Istiila

[email protected]