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The newly president of Hirshabele sacks Hiiraan governor
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The newly president of Hirshabele sacks Hiiraan governor

The newly president of Hirshabelle regional state of Somalia, Mr Ali Abullahi Osoble has fired the governor of Hiiraan province Yusuf Ahmed Hagar known as Yusuf Dabaged.

The presidential decree was announced on Wednesday night by the a new governor Ali jeyte Osman.

“ I will welcome the new governor and I will work” Yusuf Dabageed said in an interviews.

“ We hope that the new changes bring good governance” said one of the local elder who spoke to Radio Dalsan Headquarter in Jowhar city.

On 15 October, Somali president and Yusuf Dabageed resolved arguments between them after meeting and hence discussion in Villa Somalia that was organized by internal security minister Abdirizak Mohamed.

Yusuf Hagar and the president were divided on the formation of newly established Hirshabelle in Jowhar city.

Sources have confirmed that two agreed to resolve the political difference while making concessions for the sake of moving forward.

Yusuf Ahmed Hagar (Dabageed) who served as the region’s governor from 2006-2009 was reappointed for the same position in last year, replacing Abdifatah Hassan Afrah who served as a governor since 2012.

Mr. Hagar’s previous administration was deposed by the Islamic Courts Union who control large parts of south and central Somalia before Ethiopian troops who invaded in Somalia late 2006 had overthrown them.

The sackings of Hiraan governor Yusuf Ahmed Hagar known as Yusuf Dabaged comes amid the newly formed regional state sill no complete and no named the cabinet ministers.

Written by Hassan Istiila

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