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Somalia Celebrates National Flag Day
Somali News

Somalia Celebrates National Flag Day



On October 12, 1954, the Somali flag was hoisted for the first time, marking the end of colonization and the reunification of regions that were separately being ruled by Italy and Britain.

Mohammed Awale Liban designed Somali flag, that has  a white star with five-points.

In a bid to foster national unity and pride, the Somali government held elaborate celebrations in the capital Mogadishu on Thursday (October 12) to mark the 62th anniversary of flag’s creation.

“This is the day the Somali flag was created, this flag that has a white star with five-points against a sky blue background. It’s the color and is the day Somalis won its dignity,”

The country is marking the 62th anniversary of the Somali flag which was world widely recognized 1960, six years after the country got its independence from western colonials.

The security of the Somali’s capital city has been tightened by security army.

Every year like this day all Somalis across the globe celebrates for the anniversary of the National Flag Day.

By Hassan istiila

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