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Somalis Protest against Kenya claim of water territory
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Somalis Protest against Kenya claim of water territory

Thousands of people gathered in Somali capital to protest against the claim of Somali water body by neighbouring Kenyan government.

They chanted slogans against Nairobi before gathering at Mogadishu Daljir monument where leaders including the mayor of the capital addressed.

They were holding placards “Somalia belongs to Somalis, our land is not for sale” and among others.

“The territorial integrity of our country is non negotiable,” said Mogadishu mayor Mohamed Yussuf Jimale while addressing the protesters.

“We are ready day and night to safeguard our land” he added.

Spokesman of Mogadishu mayor said the demonstration that was organized by the mayor’s office is meant to show support for the ongoing case in the international court of justice in Hague, Holland.

“ We are showing our strong support to lawyers representing us at the court in Hague,” said Abdulfatah Halane.

Lawyers representing Kenya and Somalia are at Hague, the Netherlands to defend their arguments based on the disputed maritime border along the shared Indian Ocean shores between the two neighbouring countries.

Somali attorney general Ahmed Ali Dahir said it will take at least three months before the final ruling of the court in Hague.

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