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Senior al-Shabaab militant surrenders to the Somali Government
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Senior al-Shabaab militant surrenders to the Somali Government


Ibrahim Aden Ibrahim, a senior al-Shabaab militant on Monday night surrendered to the National Intelligence and Security Agency.

“I made the decision to surrender to the Somali government two years ago and benefit from the President’s offer of Amnesty. I was head of education in Bay and Bakool regions in southern Somalia“, Ibrahim said.

Minister of Internal Security of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Abdirisak Omar Mohamed said  the al-shabaab lay down his arms and came back to his government and people.

“The Somali government facilitated the return of, and welcomed Ibrahim Aden, an Al-Shabaab official who surrendered to security agency, NISA today on Monday. He has been in the group for nine years as he told us. He made use of the amnesty extended to the group by the president”, Mr. Omar said.

Mohamed said the government will welcome those terrorists who defect but those still with the group will be dealt with accordingly.

“From tonight, I declare that I am out of Al-Shabaab, the decision was taken two years ago”, added Mr. Ibrahim.

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has extended amnesty to Al-Shabaab militants who renounce terrorism and violence.

Speaking during the 73rd anniversary of the Somalia youth league that was instrumental in the country’s liberation struggle, Mohamoud said his government will not punish al-Shabaab fighters who lay down their arms.

“Our amnesty offer to the youths who have joined Al-Shabaab remains and we appeal to them to renounce violence and join us in the task of nation building”, said Mohamoud.

The Somalia government announced an amnesty for Al-Shabaab fighters last year and has been reintegrating the ones who heeded the offer to surrender arms into the society.

The move is an indication for the militant group al-Shabaab that there is still a chance to decide and denounce the dangerous ideology and accept peace and amnesty here.

(Writing by Hassan Istiila. Editing by Julian Kamau)