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Puntland seizes Galmudug-bound army vehicles
Somali News

Puntland seizes Galmudug-bound army vehicles

Puntland state authority said security forces in Garowe have seized four military vehicles, including a bullet-proof car heading to its rival state of Galmudug.

The detained vehicles were reportedly imported at Bosaso seaport and bound to travel to Galmudug state-administered southern Gaalkacyo.

Galmudug state of Somalia did not comment on the issue, but it comes as Puntland barred all transportation from southern Gaalkacyo over security concerns.

Puntland and Galmudug have in several occasions battled over Gaalkacyo due to land dispute and security issues. Both states are semi-autonomous members of the federal government of Somalia.

(Writing by Hassan Istiila. Editing by Julian Kamau)


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