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Two Pix That Kept Somalis Talking
Somali News

Two Pix That Kept Somalis Talking

Two powerful photos have kept Somalis talking this week both those inside and outside the country.

The photos of football players embracing each other at the end of the inter-regional football match that is ongoing in the capital Mogadishu went viral in the social media.

The first photo was two players belonging to Galmudug and Jubbaland football teams respectively hugging.

The social media users mainly twitter and facebook posted the photo with hash tag unity and peace.

The second photo that also went viral and continued the talk among the Somalis online was powerful photo of Banadir and Puntland captains embracing each other after heavy crucial match in Konis stadium on Tuesday afternoon.

The much awaited game ended draw 2-2.

The ongoing inter-regional state tournament that was organized by the ministry of sports has brought thousands mainly young people cheering both live in the stadium and also online.

For instance more 50 thousand spectators were active online to watch the match between Puntland and Banadir via facebook live application.

Ministry of Youth and sports which has organized the tournament has said the main aim of the soccer match is interaction and unity which actually was experienced among the youthful population who filled up Konis stadium to cheer their respective teams.


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