EU urges demilitarization of Mogadishu, Somalia

The European Union Ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga said that ‘Demilitarisation of Mogadishu is now the priority’. 

In a tweet, the Ambassador stated that, “Those that want to play a positive role towards elections should support PM Roble in his key tasks. 

Division of Mogadishu with militias or out-of-line-of-command security forces is not helping Somali people.”

 On 1 May, Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble ordered the Army to return to their bases Earlier, the EU had said “now, no preconditions, no spoiling, no violence. PM Roble must count on the constructive support from all FMS presidents and other political actors for a Somali-led process.” 

This was after the announcement by the Somali’s House of Parliament to reinstate the 17 Sep Agreement that calls for indirect elections. Source CGTN

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