Puntland Military court Sentences 5 Al-Shabab Militants to Death

Court of the Armed forces of the Puntland State of Somalia has sentenced five Islamist militants to death on Monday.

The convicted men were identified as Mohamed Hashi Mumin (Abu-dayib), Abdulkadir Ahmed Ummal (Abu-Abdalla), Mohamed Ali Awke (Jeri), Mohamed Abdullahi Ayanle (Abbeyle) and Qasim Jaylani Al-Turabi.

Colonel Ali Shire, the judge declared that all five men who were found guilty in assassinations are proved to have been part of a high profile assassination against officials.

“After all the court proceeding including hearings and the presentation of evidences the court sentences these five men to death,” Shire said. “They can take an appeal within 30 days otherwise the sentence will be carried out.”

Last week the same court handed down five Shabab members who were found guilty in what the court said a series of assassinations and planting landmines here in Galkacyo and some parts of the country.

The group, who were said to have been operating in Galkacyo in more than a decade were accused to have assassinated members of the armed forces, civil society including journalists and other members of the Puntland officials, according to Puntland officials.

The federal government of Somalia and its federal member states sentence members of the Shabaab death sentence and are later killed in a firing squad. 

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