SW leader Discusses Security With UK AMISOM And SNA Officials

South West State President, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen held a weekly meeting with the security agencies on Wednesday.

The meeting was to discuss the progress, challenges and plans for the coming week.

”President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen, chaired a Security Council meeting this week attended by the Commander of AMISOM’s Third Division, senior UK officials and security officials from the South West,” Southwest State said in a tweet.

This week’s meeting was attended by officials from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and British experts who provide training and assistance to the administration.

But earlier on, it was attended by only federal and state officials. It was finally decided to start an operation against Al-Shabaab by the 60th Division of the Somali National Army, AMISOM and the South West drive with the help of British security experts.

President Laftagareen hopes that the unity will bring a change and that the security of Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle will be tightened.

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