Benadir Police Chief Sadiq John Sacked After Calling PM Roble To Take Over Somalia Leadership

Somali police chief Gen. Hassan Hijar Abdi has sacked Benadir Regional police boss Sadaq Omar “Sadaq John” following his ‘suspension’ to cease Parliament proceedings on Saturday.

He was replaced by a junior officer from Haram’ad unit Farhan Qarole.

A statement from state owned Somali National News Agency was Sadaq John was relieved with from his duties with immediate effect.

“The Somali Police Force Commander, Gen. Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijar, has fired the Benadir Regional Police Commander, Sadiq Omar Hassan (Sadaq John),” government controlled news agency said in a statement.

In an announcement on Universal he called on Somalia’s lawmakers to seek an extension from their constituents.

Sadaq, popularly known as Sadaq John, said he was in charge of the city’s security and all parties, whether government or opposition, will be treated equally before the law.

The police commander who was recently handed over airport security seemed to differ from his boss President Mohamed Farmaajo.

He asked the Prime Minister Mohamed Hissein Roble to take responsibility of the country.

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