100+ Somali Politicians Acquire Turkish Citizenship  & Why They Seek To Settle Families In Turkey As An Alternative To Kenya 

At least 100 Somalia politicians,  businessmen  have acquired Turkish citizenship after investing in the country in the last eight months , Radio Dalsan has learnt.

17,000 Somalis were issued with Turkish visas in a period of one year.

The number also includes officials from the Banadir Regional Administration.

The move comes as the traditional country of assylum and investment, Kenya, this week issued tough measures targeting Somali immigrants.

Kenya’s Interior ministry now calls for the closure of Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps which host thousands of Somali refugee. It is also targeting urban based Somali immigrants.

According to legislators and Cabinet Ministers interviewed by Radio Dalsan more government officials with families in neighbouring Kenya are seeking alternative countries to resettle their families as Nairobi-Mogadishu relations hit bottom rock in the Farmaajo administration.

The ongoing maritime case has farther complicated the relations and according to Mps and Ministers interviewed with families based on Kenya there is fear of retribution and hence a need to seek an alternative country 

Turkey seems to be the preferred alternative for Somalis with favorable laws to attract investors. Somalia are also seeking better health services and education.

According to new Turkish laws one  qualifies to be a citizen if you invest at least $250,000.

Among the Somali nationals who have settled in Turkey include 2 former presidents and former PM ,current speaker ,Deputy PM .

An estimated  half of the cabinet families now live in Istanbul.

Turkey involvement in Somalia has grown sonce 2011 and it now runs Mogadishu’s AAIA  airport , port. Ankara  has also trained over 5,000 in the laat 3 years.

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