Somalia Rejects IGAD Report Clearing Kenya From Allegations Of Aggression

Somalia has rejected the report by the IGAD fact-finding mission on Somalia-Kenya border tiff and described the findings one-sided.

Information Minister Osman Dubbe told journalists the government dismissed the report and said it was heavily built by Kenyan side.

“A conference was convened in Djibouti. It was agreed that a commission be set up to look into the matter. Somalia was pleased when Djibouti was tasked with the investigation,” Dubbe said.

The commission said in a statement yesterday that it had found no evidence at the border of Somalia’s claims that Kenya was organizing an insurgency inside Somalia.

Minister Dubbe expressed surprise at the commission’s report, accusing it of being biased and issuing a one-sided report.

”We never imagined our brotherly nation will stand against us, Djibouti was liberated by Somalia.” Minister Dubbe added.

The report comes two days after deadly clashes between SNA troops and Jubaland forces in Beled Hawa district near Kenyan border.