Somalia Accuses Kenya Of Arming Jubaland Forces In Balad Hawa Fighting

Somalia has accused Kenya of arming militia who were fighting in Beled Hawa against the federal government in Beled Hawa near the Kenyan borders.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said militias armed by Kenya crossed the border into Somalia and attacked SNA forces in the town Sunday night.

”The federal government of Somalia can confirm reports that illegal militias armed by the government of Kenya crossed the border into Somalia and attacked the Gedo region in Particular, the district of Beled Hawa,” the statement read in part.

”Our brave Somali national armed forces swiftly and successfully encountered this illegal invasion orchestrated by the government of Kenya,”

Kenya on Monday expressed concern over the renewed fighting in Beled Hawa between the federal government and Jubaland forces and wrote to the chairperson of the African Union Commission and called for order.

”Kenya’s primary concern is that the renewed fighting engenders long scale displacement of civilians inside Somalia and increasingly generates large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers to Kenya,” Kenya ministry of foreign affairs said.

At least 11 people including five children from the same family were killed in the fighting that erupted on Sunday night.

Last night 20 people including civilians and soldiers that were injured in the Beled Hawa fighting were airlifted to Mogadishu for treatment.

According to officials, the federal government troops are in full control and normalcy returned to the district.