Somalia Govt Says 100 Jubaland Affiliated Fighters Arrested In Balad Hawa Fighting, Points Fingers At Kenya Backing

Somalia’s Minister of Information Osman Dubbe has said that the federal government troops have taken Baled Hawa.

Speaking to journalists Osman said that the federal government troops have taken full control of the area and captured over a hundred militias who are loyal to fugitive Abdirashid Janan supported by Kenya.

“Kenya has used rebel militias, but most of them have surrendered to government forces,” he said.

The Jubbaland administration has previously said it has taken control of Beled Hawa but fighting is reportedly still ongoing.

So far no independent source has commented on the situation in Beled Hawa with all sides claiming success.

Early on Sunday morning, five children from one family were killed after they were hit by a mortar shell.

Among those in the fighting that erupted on Sunday night is deputy police commissioner Mohamed Abdi Nur according to sources.

Somali government accused Kenya government of backing the militias saying arming the militia that attacked federal government troops in Beled Hawa.