Deaths As Somalia & Janaan Forces Clash In Beled Hawa

Heavy fighting broke out between Somalia’s military and militia allied to a fugitive Abdirashid Janan in Beled Hawo town in Gedo region.

The clash began when the militia loyal to Abdirashid Janan attacked the federal government soldiers according to FG and Jubaland.

In a statement, the Somali government accused Kenya government of supporting the attack in Beled Hawo.

“Kenyan backed group cross the border tonight and attacked Gedo region but Somali National Army repelled the foreign organised invasion,” Information Minister Osman Dube said.

“We strongly condemn this aggression organized from inside Kenya, which contradicts the interest of peaceful coexistence of the people of the region and international norms based on respect and protection of national sovereignty,” he added.

Speaking to BBC Somali Jubbaland Deputy president Mohammud Sayid Adam said Jubaland troops are in full control of Beled Hawo after defeating federal troops.

“We are in full control of Balad Hawa after defeating forces airlifted from Mogadishu,” he told BBC Somali.

Janan was arrested in 2019 but escaped detention in early 2021 and fled to Kenya.