Sharif Says Opposition Ready To Dialogue To Resolve Electoral Impasse

The former head of state and Chairman Council of Presidential candidates Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed who is also the chairman of the opposition Union candidates has called for a dialogue to end the political impasse in the country.

Speaking to journalists upon arrival from Sudan on Monday Sharif said the election had not been held on time, adding that it was unfortunate that no final solution had been reached so far.

“we hoped that the differences in the electoral process would be resolved peacefully and through dialogue, but the opposition has not always seen it as a free and fair election that will satisfy the Somali people and the international community,” the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) said.

Sharif indicated that there was still room for reconciliation between the warring factions in the country’s electoral process, before the term of the current government expires, he said.

“I promise you, on behalf of the opposition, that we are not doing anything damaging to this country and we want peace and governance in this country.”

Last week Somalia has missed the third parliamentary elections to due to political disagreement over the electoral processes.