Sigh As First Humanitarian Plane Lands In Al-Shabaab Blockaded Bakool

An aeroplane loaded with humanitarian supplies has landed in Hudur town of Bakool region on Monday.

The aid shipment comes amid a dire situation for the local population.

The region has been facing serious food insecurity because of the Al-Qaeda affiliated militant group, al-Shabaab’s, blockade in recent years.

Southwest state leader, Abdiaziz Hassan Laftagaren who was in the recent days in Hudur town has urged Somali military to launch operations to reopen main route supply of Bakool region.

He also urged the federal government, UN agencies and humanitarian partners to urgently intervene in humanitarian.

Government forces and regional soldiers are in control of major towns in the region but al-Shabaab controls the countryside which has caused a humanitarian crisis.

Humanitarian access has been further complicated by climatic events and the condition of infrastructures such as roads and bridges, according to the UN.