Ex-NISA Chief Claims 400 Somali Soldiers Killed In Tigray War Fighting Alongside ENDF

Former NISA Deputy chief Abdisalam Guled says close to 400 Somali soldiers have been killed in the war between Ethiopia and TPLF.

In an interview, Guled said the soldiers were who mostly youths were
flown to Asmara last year for training but were fighting alongside Ethiopia National Defence forces in the fight against Tigray.

“When I asked members who I think were aware of this, they told me that the Somali government had reached an agreement with Ethiopia and Eritrea, which was that Farmaajo had asked Somali forces to help stabilize the Tigray region,” he said.

”It has been confirmed to me that 370 Somali soldiers were killed in Ethiopia and hundreds of others wounded,”

The Somali government has not commented on the allegations.

Ethiopia president recently announced the end of military operations in the northern Tigray region.