UN’s James Swan Calls For Consensus In Electoral Impasse

A delegation led by United Nations chief envoy to Somalia, James Swan on Thursday arrived in Baidoa.

The delegation held a closed-door meeting with the President of the South West Administration, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed (Lafta Gareen).

The two sides discussed the world body’s support in areas including reconciliation, development and humanitarian aid.

”In Baidoa today United Nations officials including from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Somalia and United Nations OCHA met with South West State’s President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed (Lafta Gareen) and cabinet members to discuss the world body’s support in areas including reconciliation humanitarian aid, development, environment and more,” UN said.

”Speaking to the media in Baidoa today, UN envoy to  Somalia James Swan expressed appreciation for South West State President Laftagareen’s efforts with the country’s elections, and reiterated the need for a spirit of consensus and collaboration going forward,”

The delegation is reported to be travelling to the other regional states and meet leaders over the elections.

Senate elections are also said to kick-off Southwest administration