SNA liberate new areas in Joint operation in Southern Somalia

Somalia’s special forces and Jubaland security forces have jointly liberated at least three villages in Lower Jubba, southern Somalia, from al-Shabaab terrorists on Friday.

The liberated villages included Guba-Kibir, Darkeen and Urur Anjel.

Hassan Adan Iraqi, a military commander in the region, told Somali military radio that they killed several Alshabab militants during the operation.

”During the joint operation, the forces wounded several militants and killed several militants and liberated three villages,” he said

He said that the operation will continue until the group is wiped out of the region.

The operation comes a week after a suicide bomber blew himself up in an ice-cream parlour in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, killing 8 people and injured fifteen others.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack via online.

The militant group has been fighting in Somalia since 2008 to topple the UN-backed government and establish its own rule-based in their own understanding.

Alshabab still controls rural central and southern Somalia despite the fact that the group has lost strategic town over past years.

The African Union Forces and the US Africa Command have been assisting Somali National Army degrading the group which is linked to AlQaeda.