Kenya Parliament Pressures Government To Resolve Diplomatic Tiff With Somalia

The Kenyan parliament debated the diplomatic row between Somalia and Kenya, and members discussed their views on the deteriorating relations between the two countries.

The lawmakers called on their government to seek ways to resolve the difference with Somalia.

Several lawmakers expressed their views on the deteriorating relations between Somalia and Kenya, with some saying that the Somali government acted in a divisive manner and that Kenya has not intervened in Somalia’s internal affairs

Mandera North MP, Abdullahi Bashir Sheikh said the diplomatic spare was unfortunate and could create an avenue for terrorists to infiltrate in Kenya.

“This little diplomatic spare should not make it like we are enemies between our country and Somalia, So my plea to our government is that we need to resolve this matter as quickly as possible,” he said.

Former Majority leader Adan Barre Duale stated both countries have been engaging trade for a long time and people from both countries need to continue the activities for life to continue.

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed said, “Mr. Speaker, I want to support the chairman’s statement. What amazes me about Somalia is that the election campaign here in Nairobi is more intense than in Mogadishu itself. And you think maybe the election will take place here in Nairobi and not in Mogadishu. ”

He added, “Mr. Speaker, if you walk through the city now, all the hotels are full, and all the Somali presidential candidates have to come to Nairobi and campaign hard here, so we need the defence and foreign affairs committee to do a lengthy investigation to tell us why Somali presidential candidates are campaigning more than in Mogadishu in Nairobi. ”

The Somali government summoned its ambassador to Nairobi this week, sending a Kenyan envoy to Kenya, and accused Somalia of meddling in its internal affairs and violating political agreements reached during the elections.

Kenya has denied claims by Mogadishu that it is interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs saying claims by Somalia were unsubstantiated allegations.

Nairobi said it has not received any Note Verbale or any other official communication from Mogadishu requesting Kenya’s ambassador to leave for Nairobi for consultations.