Puntland Assembly strips immunity from 8 MPs after violating standing orders of parliament

Puntland’s state regional parliament voted to strip legal immunity from 8 of its members after being accused of violating the standing orders of parliament.

Lawmakers who have been stripped of their immunity have strongly opposed Speaker of Parliament Abdirashid Yusuf.

Puntland lawmakers voted unanimously to lift the immunity of 35 lawmakers.

The MPs whose immunity has been removed are: –

1. MP Abdijamal Osman
2. MP Abdiqani surato
3. MP Muse Jajabsay
4. Gen. Baduugaaye MP
5. MP Mohamud Mohamed Barre
6. MP Saleeban Farah.
7. MP Abdirahman Dhore
8. MP Mohamud Ahmed Aalim.

It is the largest number of MPs to have their parliamentary immunity stripped as it has happened in Kismayo in 2018 when the Jubbaland parliament stripped the immunity of two members.

The media was not allowed to cover the incident, and Puntland police closed the entrances to the parliament building this morning.