Somalia piles accusations on ‘invaders’ Kenya in latest diplomatic spat

Somalia has made a series of accusations against Kenya accusing it of working against its interest.

Speaking at a press conference at the Information Minister Osman Abukar Dubbe said Kenya does not show good neighbourliness and is grasping for the land and sea of ​​Somalia.

Dubbe said Nairobi was ‘now the hub of opposition groups which seek to trash agreements reached at home.’

He also accused the Kenyan government of acting as a TPLF interference in Somalia.

”Somalia has always shown maturity, respect for neighbourliness and respect, noting that Kenya took action a year and 10 months ago to summon its ambassador, and the Somali ambassador repatriated to Somalia”, ”said Minister Dubbe.

The minister also accused the Kenyan government to harass the Somali people travelling in the regions and force them to further search and pass through Wajir.

Asked what has improved Ethiopia’s relations with Kenya, the minister said the difference between the two countries was that Ethiopia was not involved in Somali politics while Kenya was indirectly interfering in the affairs.

The press conference from the Somali Minister of Information further fuels deteriorating relations between Somalia and Kenya.